Carlos Casarez

Carlos is the lead developer for global EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction management) firm SSOE Group. He manages their global internal and external online communications initiatives. From corporate marketing to fusing WordPress with internal legacy applications that run on anything from ASP.NET to Oracle. He also finds the time to freelance but on very limited basis.

Starting his web career in 1998 he has seen the web change drastically. He has been working with WordPress for over five years and considers it the most valuable software to come along since he began working on the web. He attends multiple WordCamp’s a year and tries to give back to the community.

He spends his off time hanging out with his 4 kids, building motorcycles and practicing Jiu Jitsu.

Chip Bennett

Chip has been using WordPress since 2005, and has been a hobbyist web developer since the mid-90s. He has developed WordPress Themes and Plugins, and is a minor contributor to WordPress core. He is an administrator for the WordPress Theme Review Team and has reviewed over 2,000 Themes submitted to the WordPress Theme Directory. He enjoys speaking about Theme development at WordCamps, and can often be found in the WordPress.org support forums and at WordPress StackExchange. He is also a part-time freelance WordPress developer.
You can find him online at http://www.chipbennett.net

Daniel Immke

Directly from Daniel’s 10up bio page.

Daniel started building websites as a teenager back in 2005, fulfilling his natural curiosity as an avid fan of the world wide web. Empowered by the virtually nonexistent barriers to entry – just a computer and the will to learn – what started as a hobby soon became his obsession. In 2008 he discovered WordPress in the process of building his first (now defunct) blog, where he posted Photoshop tutorials.

Daniel’s passion for WordPress grew, and before he knew it, he was using it for all of his projects. Daniel has attended multiple WordCamps, has spoken at meetups, and used to write for the WordPress news site WPCandy at its height. For him, WordPress represents an empowering of publishers and businesses to take control of their content in the same way that he did when he learned to code.

When Daniel isn’t writing code or helping a 10up customer, you can find him attempting to perform stand up comedy at dive bars or exploring new Atlanta restaurants.

You can follow Daniel on twitter at @daniel_immke

Daniel J Lewis

With a passion for creativity, Daniel J. Lewis has been a successful podcaster since 2007 and web designer long before then. Now self-employed as a freelance web designer and podcasting consultant, Daniel chooses WordPress for his and his clients’ sites because it’s fast, easy, and extendable. From his home studio near Cincinnati, Daniel hosts three podcasts covering niche topics: clean-comedy, how to podcast and use Audacity, and Christian movie reviews with critical thinking.

Don Hansen

Eric Blackwell

Eric Blackwell is one of the men responsible for bringing WordCamp Louisville to town in 2010. Then again in 2011, 2012, and now 2013 ( for those of you keeping score, yes that is all four years). Eric is an avid WordPress enthusiast. He consults nationally on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and on the Real Estate Industry. Eric is a teacher at heart. He teaches his clients how to take traffic, and convert that traffic into paying clients. Eric uses the WordPress platform as his Swiss Army Knife to build online assets that pay for themselves many times over. His company EricOnSearch essentially does online marketing management.

James Ruffer

A self described problem solver. James currently hails from the Memphis, TN region. His diverse background in e-commerce, startups, and ethical hacking gives him not just the tool set to solve problems… but also experience to draw from and share. James creates and sells businesses, like most of buy our beer… a six pack at a time. A few of the feathers in his cap include an iOS app shop, an NFC e-commerce solution, and a social media security platform. Like most passionate problem solvers, James supplements his passionate energy with pizza and hard work.

Jason Davis

Jason has been working on the web since 2005 and established his company Capstone Creations in the late fall of 2010. He’s a Louisville native and has been using and developing sites with WordPress since 2008.

Partnering with businesses of all sizes, start-ups, nonprofits, restaurants and retail ventures he loves to create and complete specialized web design projects to generate buzz, create new avenues of revenue, raise awareness and generally contribute to client success.

When not designing websites, he’s watching the Big Bang theory eating pizza, or spending too much time at Starbucks drinking a salted carmel mocha.

Nathan Engles

Nathan has been online for over 8 years, first blogging, then working in SEO, digital marketing, affiliates, SEM and Social Media. He has experience in creating and managing large media properties. He prides himself on developing strategies that WORK! Earlier this year Nathan brought his skills to LEAP and their clients.

Nick Temple

Nick Temple is a Sr. Software Engineer at KIXEYE where he builds multiplayer real-time-strategy games. Having been introduced to the power of computers in MCMLXXXIV, Nick now creates Internet apps and other software for fun and profit whilst enjoying family, Jolt Cola and Kung Fu. A true geek and somewhat shy, get him talking about technology and he may not shut up.

Specialties: Jack of all trades, master of some. Nick is a big picture, intuitive thinker and problem solver.

Nile Flores

Nile Flores is a sassy mom from Southern Illinois who has been a web and graphic designer since 2003. She has been in the WordPress community since the b2 days. She teaches people everything from WordPress to social media, SEO, and web design on both her sites: Blondish.net and WPAddict.net. She has developed a few plugins and soon to debut a couple themes to the WordPress theme and plugin directories.

Her goal has always been to help people rock out their websites. When she is not coding, hangs out with her son, writes poetry, travels, and even does karate twice a week.

Scott Hack

Scott is first and foremost an entrepreneur. Having come from a family where both of his parents were self employed, it never seemed natural to go out and “find a job.” Except for a few short stints, Scott has always launched companies. Today, Scott’s day job is a real estate broker for Finish Line Realty where he helps buyers and sellers with residential property in the greater Louisville area. On more than a few occasions you can also catch Scott working with River City Photo Booths, or working on BracketPress his latest project. The one common thread to all of his projects is they are heavily tech related. Scott happily calls himself a geek. Scott is one of the original organizers of WordCamp Louisville and runs the monthly Louisville WordPress User Group.

4 Responses to Speakers

  1. Elinor L. Brown says:

    Am very interested in an all day workshop that will focus on developing multiple blogs on one
    wordpress site.
    I am in Lexington and would love to drive down for the Saturday wordcamp if that is one of the workshops.

    • mcmckean says:

      The workshop that we are offering this year will be geared around the basics of WordPress and more of a “how to” setup a site, install themes/plugins, add content, etc. I am very interested in your need. I have been seeing more and more of this over the past year. I am going to forward this on as a suggested option for next years WordCamp.

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  3. Jon Karlen says:

    Great speaker lineup! Looking forward to a full day at WordCamp Louisville 2013! #wclou